Gift Guide for Toddlers

Toddler gift essenital

It's that time of the year again!  Christmas is here and looking for the best gifts for toddlers can be difficult sometimes.  You want to give gifts not only that they will enjoy but that can develop their motor skills and promote learning.  Here are the top 10 gifts for toddlers.

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  1. Non-Toxic Play Mat (100% non-toxic)

This first item isn't an actual toy but it is important for when your baby and toddler begins to play on the floor especially if you have a carpetless home. This particular one is great because it is non-toxic and has meet European Union Standards. I mention European Union Standards because there are toxans that are banned in the EU that are still available here in the U.S.

2. Wood Cube Activity Block**

You can't go wrong with wood games especially this one. These activity blocks have multiple games all in one and they are are made mostly wood. They promote dexterity and problem solving while being fun.

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3. Balls**

You would be surprised how much toddlers love balls. Balls help babies and toddlers move! Parents can engaged with their child and these can help with coordination and faciliate movement if they are still in the crawling stage. For younger babies that are still crawling these smaller one could be better.

4. LEGO**

These LEGO toys are on my Christmas list for my 18 month old. Of course we have all heard about LEGO. I always thought they were for boys but turns out now they have pink ones for girls and green neutral sets. While reading The Danish Way of Parenting, I learned a fun fact about LEGO. Turns out that they were created by a Danish carpenter in 1932 and the word LEGO thrives from the words leg godt which mean play well.

gender neutral gift guide for toddlers

5. Stacking Toys: Cups with Numbers and Letters**

It's never to early to start practicing the ABCs and numbers. These are fun stacking cups that serve a dual purpose. These simple cups help promote motor skills, coordination and faciliates the learning of colors, letters, numbers and stimulates curiosity. You can't go wrong with these.

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6. Boy or Girl Tents

These tents for boys or girls can be so much fun! Toddlers can play pretend which is one of the developmental milestones.

7. Train Set

Train sets are one of those gender neutral toys, girls and boys can play with and will love. Playing with train sets and putting them together will teach your toddler problem solving skills. The act of having to select the correct tracks to put together will develop their problem solving skills, Train sets also foster pretend play which is one of developmental mile stones for 2-3 year old.

8. Play-Doh

Play-doh is a long time favorite. Chances are that you as a child played alot of play-doh too. Besides it teaching creativity and fine motor skills, play-doh also teaches toddlers to play independently and with other kids. Now a days there are so many additional accessories that can be used with Play-doh. Above are some examples.

9. Twistable Crayons

I never knew these existed until a couple of days ago when I saw a commerical a toddler was coloring with these Twistable Crayons. You really can’t go wrong with these. I had already bought 2 boxes of Crayons for our little one and she broken most of them or the dog had eaten them but these are in-cased in a plastic cover and you twist them for more of the tip to come out. Love these….no more wasting and loosing crayons. There are also non-toxic Twistables Colored Pencils. Besides them being fun to use they also facilitate writing skills, creativity and teaches them how to properly hold crayons and pencils for future writing skills.

There are a lot more toys and items that can help develop your child’s skills. Click here to see more!