5 Ideas and Tips For Your Baby's Valentines Day Photo Shoot

Valentines Day Baby Photo Tips and Ideas

Baby and kids photography can be so much fun if you are prepared. And you can produce some beautiful photos of your children. There are so many occasions and holidays to take advantage of. One of the cutest I have to say, is that of St. Valentine’s Day. With a few items you can DIY your own baby St. Valentine’s Day photography. Here are some ideas and tips for you to try.

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Babies Under Six Months

I really torn between the infant stage and the 6 month to 1 year stage as the easiest to photograph kids. They all have their pluses but the age before they can walk can be the pretty easy to capture. That means no running around after your kids, trying to get them to do what you want, and wasting your time and money with props that they won’t work with. Here are a few tips and ideas for baby/infant Valentine’s Day photography:

  • Best to be indoors in a warm room.

  • Great lighting.

  • Make they have eaten already and you have changed their diaper. This will hopefully relax them and they will fall asleep.

  • Yes, it’s best when they are asleep. There will be no fussiness and you can easily position them.

  • A minimal outfit is best. I used a cute pink hat with a flower, matching socks, and a cheesecloth I bought off of Amazon.

  • A nice, small furry rug.

  • Shoot from above, whole body, close up, yawning, sleeping.

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baby girl photography ideas

Here is a simple worksheet to help you plan your Valentine's Day photoshoot!

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    For 6 to 12 Month Old Babies

    I know you really want your baby to start walking but if Valentine’s Day falls when they are just sitting up or crawling minimally, enjoy it while it last. Seriously, there won’t be another moment in their life when you can actually keep them put for more than 5 minutes while you dress them up, pose them and take your photos.

    At this stage you can use some props and setup the setting. My daughter was a late walker so I got to setup a setting for her photo shoot. It wasn’t anything expensive either. No need to break the bank. I basically used:

    • A pink flowery poster board from a local craft store and a white project stand up board.

    • If you can’t find a flowery poster like in my photos you can also use Valentine’s Day pink tissue paper found in any craft or gift shop. This tissue paper can be taped on to a white poster board.

    • A fluffy, small white rug.

    • A small pink and red scarf, plain white onesie, and cute pink pants with white hearts.

    • Some pink and red felt or paper heart shapes

    Photoshoot setup
    valentines day toddler photography

    Use heart gift tissue paper.

    This is a simple DIY setup anyone can do.

    valentines day photos

    Flowery poster board from craft store.

    For Toddler - Walking Age

    So now that your toddler is walking you will literally have to run after them to capture some beautiful photos. I’m speaking from experience; they really won’t stay still or sit long enough. You have to have patience and plan ahead for activity shoots. What are activity shots you may ask. Activity shots are those that you take while they are running, jumping or in other words, not being still. This this age I choice a simple knit beige top with a tutu shirt and some cute cat shoes. I was going for something more subtle and then obvious red or pink outfit. I choice just to add a touch of pink in her hair and with the heart shaped felt.

    valentines day photos

    Combine heart overlays and date.

    toddler photography ideas

    Perfect example of not staying still. On the go!

    Go with the flow and make sure you have your camera settings on a high shutter speed so it won’t be blurry.

    valentines day photography

    Focus on one thing.

    toddler photography


    Props and Outfits

    General Tips for Baby and Toddler Photography

    Your photos will be easier to control if you have a infant versus a toddler and if you use a DSLR camera with manual settings. A toddler will definitely make you work for a good photo! And a DSLR camera isn’t an absolute must. Now a days cameras on phones are pretty good. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and shoots amazing photos. Sometimes I might want to edit, add some brightness and saturation or effects I use the app Snapseed.

    Photography Tips:

    • Shoot before noon and after 3 pm. The sun makes portrait photos look harsh.

    • If you have to shoot in the middle of day, make sure you find some shade.

    • Don’t use the in camera flash. I use the above pictured attachable light flash.

    • If shooting inside make sure you do it near windows with good light.

    • Be patient.

    • Make sure they had food, nap, and bring water.

    • Bring their favorite toy just in case there is a temper tantrum.

    • Bring your props and outfits. Click on the above button to grab your photoshoot worksheet.

    • HAVE FUN!

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