11 Important Baby Beach Essentials You Need To Have

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Summer is finally here and it’s time to go to the beach and or lake. As a first-time new mom taking out your baby to the beach or lake you want to make sure you take the essentials and not be unprepared or over-whelmed with too many items or the wrong things.  This list of baby beach essentials details the top 11 items you need before heading out on your first- time beach/lake adventure with your baby.

While the first time we went to the beach our daughter was still a baby and really didn’t need much the second I was well prepared for a toddler that wanted to go into the water, play in the sand and eat while there. I did my research on the best items to have while not overloading ourselves with un-needed items. Here I have compiled those essential items. I hope you find this to be very useful.

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Toddler Sunscreens

Sunscreen is one of the most important things you will need for all your baby's outdoor activities. Not only does the sunscreen need to be specially made for one-year-olds but it also needs to be non-toxic. You would be surprised about all the chemicals that are in sunscreens and if you are anything like me you would be extremely careful what goes on your babies skin. According to the EWG.org website, Badger Baby’s Natural Organic Sunscreen (SPF 30) is one the least chemical laden sunscreens out there. It’s all natural and certified organic. I can verify that it works. It is a little bit greasy and you have to rub it in really well so it won’t be milky white on the skin but it works. You will also have to reapply after 30 to 45 minutes in the water and after two hours in the sun. Also, try the anti-bug version sunscreen if you are outdoors during dusk.


Your baby's new little eyes need to be protected from the damaging UVA and UBA rays, especially when around water. The reflective water intensifies the damaging effects of the sun rays in everyone. As soon as we planned our first outdoor and water activities with our little Olivia I researched the internet for some protective yet stylish sunglasses. I came upon a pair of TUGA hot pink sunglasses which was both 100% UVB/UVA protected. They also came with a case and two adjustable velcro straps. There are other colors, blue and black.


Wearing a hat serves more than one purpose. Hats can keep your baby cool, protect against the sun and provide a little bit for shade for the eyes. This white hat is my favorite. It ties at the front, has a flap in the back for neck protection, is adjustable and it comes in many colors.


SPF Swimsuit & Beach Shoes

Your baby can't have enough protection against the sun. We have a couple of SPF protected short and long sleeve outdoor shirts for our little one. You can choose from many different styles, entire one-piece down to a two piece swimwear. Besides protective SPF swimwear, you will also head beach shoes/sandals. You don't want them walking barefooted on very hot sand...not fun.



I think we can all agree that being hot during the summer months is very uncomfortable. Just imagine your a little one sitting in a stroller in the heat...uncomfortable. I found this fan and had to have it for our baby. It has foam blades, so it's safe.


Sun Tent

Being that the sun is most dangerous during the time you are most likely to be at the beach, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., (summer or winter months)it is extremely important to have some sort of protection against the sun's rays. Sunscreens, sunglasses, hats, and SPF swimwear all work but you can't go wrong with a little extra protection! I absolutely LOVE these SPF sun tents for babies/toddlers. We settled on this one and have come in handy at the beach and lake.

Swim Diapers And Toddler Beach Towels

Diaper swimmers was one of the last things I was thinking about when we were about to go to the lake for the first time with our baby girl. We ended up buying these at the store but I might use the reusable type next time. Kids definitly need their own towel too and why not make it a fun one.


Toddler Sippy Cup

Water is something else that you might forget in preparation for your beach or lake trip. I absolutely love these sippy cups. You won't have to worry about spillage as it is leak proof, it's BPA free, and it is recommended by U.S. pediatric dentists. A bonus is that you can use the sippy cup lids on non-glass Philips Avent bottles.

Toddler Beach Chairs and Beach Blankets

If you are wanting to lay down, rest and take a nap on the sand at the beach or lake these sand and waterproof blankets are a must. I honestly didn't know these existed until we finally got one. How did I not know this. Now we have three. And don't forget your toddler beach chair. At first I was like that will be a waste but I decided to get one and our 2 year old actually used it....made her feel like an adult with her own chair.


Toddler Life Vests and Floaties

Floats are definitly not a necessity but they sure would be fun for both you and your baby. I would only use a float with a baby that has had their shots and at least 8 months old and above. If he or she can't hold their head up yet, I would avoid floats and water activities. I first used this one and I'm eyeing this one for the shade this float one for our daughter was one year old and I'm eyeing this one for some shade. Now, that our girl is 2 years old we have been using a similar vest/arm float to this Amazon bestseller. I must say that I do prefer the ones with full chest vest, pictured below. These floaties would be good for the pool or lake beach but not for the beach.


Sand Buckets and Beach Toys

After you get all the important beach essentials for your baby or toddler, beach toys are next. There are many sand castle or buckets that you can buy. Here are some I like and I know my three year old would enjoy.


Conclusion...going to the beach or lake for the first time with your little will be an awesome experience that your family won't forget but being thoughtfully prepared you make everyone's experience go smoothly especially your little one's.  I hope this list of baby beach essentials is helpful. If you are looking for more of my favorite items check out my Amazon recommendations here.

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