Baby Easter Photography Ideas For The New Mom

Easter photography ideas toddlers

Easter is just around the corner and it's a great opportunity for some new baby photos.  I am all into diy photography or do-it-yourself types of photography and believe that you can create some awesome photos of your baby or toddler with some simple and accessible props.   Below are just a few props I bought to create these fun baby photos. 

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List of props:

  • small plastic colorful Easter eggs

  • Easter eggs on a string or garland

  • colorful fluffy chicks

  • Easter bunny stuffed animal

How to use these props inside

I know that in some places it can still be a little chilly in the U.S around this time especially in the northern parts but don't let that deter you from taking some awesome photos of your precious baby.  There first, second, third birthdays only come ONCE (well so do the rest).  They don't have to be magazine perfect just perfect for you and your family.  Here are some indoor ideas.

  1. You need a white poster board and a white faux rug for your baby to sit on. You can also use a white comforter. Sit your baby in the middle in their Easter outfit, sprinkle some plastic Easter eggs around them. You can take an aerial photo of them. Just stand above them and snap away. See the example below. These are a favorite of mine. For sure your baby if above 7 months will be interested in the eggs. Take advantage of this and again snap away. Action photos or your baby interactive with props can also be fun photos.

  2. Add some of the chicks to the set. Open up some of the eggs and add the chicks. These will really intrigue your baby. Believe me! They will have to play and play with these.

  3. Take away all the eggs and chicks and let them play with an Easter bunny stuffed animal. Grandparents will fall head over heals for these photos!

  4. Take away the bunny and give them the Easter eggs tied to a string or garland eggs.

  5. THIS IS THE FUNNIST!! Take the Easter eggs and pull some light colored string through the tops of the eggs. If they don't have holes you can either make the hole yourself, glue or tape the string to the top. Then tape them to an extra large white poster board. These are really CHEAP and can be found at your local dollar store.

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easter egg photos

Easter Photography Ideas for Outside

Outdoor photos can be so much fun for the entire family.  All you need are the same props mention above or you can add your own.  The funnest part of this shoot was using the tree branch with Easter eggs hanging by a string. 

  1. Take a medium size tree branch with several limbs (very light weight branch) and hang the Easter eggs on a string on them. You can either have your spouse, or friend hold the branch or you can use something other object to them the branch in place. I used two photography stands and tied rubber bands to it so it wouldn't move. See photo below.

  2. Use some of the Easter egg garland and place in a tree or bush.

  3. Sit her or him on the ground (preferably on something so they won't get dirty) and sprinkle eggs around them.

Easter Photography Ideas DIY
Photography Ideas for New Moms

Three year olds

When they start to get beyond the crawing age and start walking taking staged photos get to be a tiny bit harder. They basically have a hard time staying still and listening. So the number one thing you will need is alot of patience…I mean alot of patience.

You will still use the props from previous years. For example , the Easter eggs and baskets and bunny stuffed animals will still work. In the following photos right before her 3rd birthday I used stuff I already had; didn’t buy anything.

easter toddler photoshoot
Toddler Easter Photoshoot

Toddler Easter Photoshoot

The setup was our front yard which has a beautiful blooming tree and the blooms are already falling on the dark mulch. It makes everything stand out. Now, if you don’t have such a beautiful blooming tree you could buy some flower pedals from your local craft store.

Included in the photo:

  • Easter eggs

  • bunny rabbit

  • Easter basket

  • tea set

  • toddler set of table with chairs.

I added a small white wooden table and chairs and some Easter eggs and her favorite tea set.

easter photos

I usually say that eye level are the most compelling photos but once in a while an above photo is great too. Here is a photo from above while she is smelling a flower. I took the saturation down a bit using photoshop. I think I’ll print and frame this one.

So don’t be scared to experiment!

toddler easter photos

Just remember to have fun and your photos don't have to be perfect, just perfect for you and your family.

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