4 Reasons Why Moms Should Join Amazon Prime

amazon prime for moms


Amazon Prime For Moms and Families

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Who doesn't love Amazon.  I mean where can you get basically everything you need all in one place.  You can virtually look around, checkout the bestsellers, read reviews, ask questions and if you have prime, get free 2-day shipping.  I personally have had prime since I got pregnant and still have it.  Our family uses it alot; from buying baby wipes, vitamins, cleaning supplies and so much. I don't know what we would do without it.  Besides the free shipping I absolutely love the movie streaming which is free.  Listed below are the top four reasons Amazon Prime is great for moms and families.

 1.  Free 2-day Shipping

Without a doubt free 2-day shipping on eligible purchases is the best perk of Amazon Prime membership.  There is no minimum purchase required.  And if you are lucky enough to live in certain selected cities you can get free same day or 2 hour shipping which is unheard of even today.  Believe me when you are pregnant, just had a baby or too busy to go to the store Amazon Prime will save the day.  I started researching and purchasing Andy Pandy natural diapers and Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes while pregnant and stocking up.  Amazon Prime made it easy and much more affordable. 

2. Unlimited Photo Storage

Being a parent this is an awesome perk.  Unlimited storage for all your family photos, documents and 5 GB of videos is amazing.  As a mom who obviously takes a lot of photos this my second favorite perk.  You can access this perk from any iPhone, Android, Fire devices or desktop.

amazon prime for moms

3.  Movie Access

Free entertainment..seriously.  This is another awesome perk of Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video.  You can get access to thousands of movies and TV shows for no additional cost.  The free movies are the ones with the Prime logo across the top but there are other movies that are not free.  The non-free movies are still cheaper than ordering a pay-per-view movie.  I know we shouldn't let our kids watch to much TV but sometimes it's just going to happen.  The great thing about Amazon Prime is that they have a kids section with movies they helpful categories like, Movies for ages 2-5, movies for ages 6-8, educational movies, TV about problem solving, and so many more.  This is definitely a money saver!  Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime and start enjoying this perk!

4.  Prime Reading

To be honest I haven't used this benefit at all but while writing this blog post I learned more about this cool perk...unlimited reading for Prime members.  I don't use this benefit because I love holding a book in my hand.  I know that's weird in today's world of technology where you can read anything on a phone, tablet or laptop.  I'm sure you would love this though.  You can borrow books and magazines for free and basically carry virtually tons of books everywhere you go.

There are a couple of other benefits that can make Amazon Prime worth while.  You can sign up for Amazon Mom which will give access to family articles.  Unlimited music is a pretty cool benefit if you love music.  Other benefits include some Whole Foods benefits, access to Showtime and HBO for a lower price without having cable, Amazon Dash buttons, Prime Pantry and many more.

You really can't loose in joining Amazon Prime !  There are so many benefits.