5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Babies

coconut oil for babies

Being that I became a new mom at the age of 42 and after several tries, I wanted to try any and all natural remedies if our baby girl ever came down with anything. Sooo.... (I am an affiliate – I receive a small commission if you purchase any of my recommendations through these links, at no extra cost or inconvenience to you.) I was already a promoter and user of coconut oil for many years for health reasons. I actually love it for my skin and cooking. Since having a baby just last year I used coconut oil for several things. Here are some ways I used this for my baby girl:

  1. Cradle Cap
  2. Diaper Rash
  3. Eczema
  4. Dry skin during winter
  5. In Solid Foods

But I don't buy just any coconut oil. There are a few requirements for me to use it on my baby girl or on myself. This particular coconut oil meets my expectations. It's non-gmo, organic, extra-virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. You might be wondering, what's the difference. Here is the short and simple explanation:

  • non-gmo= means it's not genetically modified
  • organic= it is grown without using pesticides or certain fertilizers
  • extra-virgin= in terms of coconut oil is the same as virgin coconut oil. There are no standards to use this term but just makes me feel better about using it.
  • unrefined= means the oil is extracted from the unprocessed fresh coconut meat versus the dried version. Here is where the most benefits are...in using raw coconut meat. (1)
  • cold pressed= means that it's processed using heat that is never higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit compared to expeller that uses higher temperatures and where the most beneficial nutrients are lost.

    So what is my favorite coconut oil? It's this one by Carrington. This one has all the above requirements! Back to how I use it on my baby girl.

Coconut Oil and Cradle Cap

Cradle cap also known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis occurs when a babies scalp becomes yellowish, crusty and patchy.  It's not painful or itchy and won't bother a baby but I know it can bother the parent. I know that for sure.  Our baby girl had it bad for a couple of weeks.  But we rubbed coconut oil any chance we got it evidentially went away.  I highly recommend coconut oil on your baby's head.

Coconut Oil and Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be caused by a couple of things. A baby can have a reaction to the diaper he or she is wearing or the baby wipes that are being used. Being too long in a dirty diaper can cause a rash and redness. Also, if the mom is breastfeeding, a baby can have an allergic reaction to what the mother is eating. When beginning to feed solid foods a baby can have a negative reaction to certain foods. Our baby girl had her first diaper rash after eating carrots and sweet potatoes. We immediately changed her diaper and put some of this oil on her and by the next morning, the rash was gone. Now it worked for her because I knew it wasn't the diapers or wipes as we use natural chemical free products so we knew it was a food reaction. But all the coconut oil in the world won't work if your baby is having a reaction to the diapers or baby wipes being used or food reaction and he or she is still coming in contact with it. These are my favorite wipes.

Coconut Oil and Eczema

Baby eczema or atopic dermatitis occurs to a lot of children under the age of 3.  It mostly occurs around the joints such as elbows and knees but a lot occurs in the cheeks.  In some cases, it can be severe, very painful and require steroids.  Our little girl had it some on her cheeks.  We thought those rosy cheeks were so cute but no it was eczema.  At first, I thought maybe it was the food she was eating, like oatmeal.  So I took oatmeal out of her diet for but it continued.  Besides an allergy to dairy, corn or wheat , babies can also have a reaction to fruits.  I eliminated all fruits for a week, applied coconut oil every morning, evening and after her baths to her arms, legs and cheeks.  After a week eczema had greatly improved.  It was almost gone from her legs and arms with a little bit on her cheeks only.  I'm a firm believer that coconut can help with eczema but it should be organic and cold pressed (refer to explanations above).

5 Effective Ways to Use Coconut Oil on Your Baby.jpg

Coconut Oil For Dry Skin

During winter skin gets extra dry and a baby's skin is no exception. Using coconut oil as a moisturizer is the perfect solution. The best time to use it after a warm bath when the skin is more able to trap in the water. Besides using it after a bath you can also add a little bit to a warm bath before putting your baby in the bath.

Coconut Oil in Baby Food

Coconut oil is not only good as a moisturizer but it's also good to put in your baby's solid food.  It supplies your baby with healthy fatty acids that she or she needs to grow and for good gut health.  When our baby girl was going through some eczema I added a little bit of coconut oil in her foods along with rubbing it in her trouble spots.  You can add it to your baby's formula or solid food even if you purchase store bought formula.  No need to go overboard with.  Just a little bit is enough.

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