Opening An Etsy Shop

opening an etsy shop

Have you been thinking about opening an Etsy shop? I’ve been on Etsy for several years and currently have four Etsy shops. I have learned alot about business especially selling on Etsy but wish I knew then what I know now. I really didn’t take it seriously back then and was reallyt scared to get started. If you’re thinking about selling online, Etsy is a good marketplace to get started. Or maybe you’re on the fence about opening an Etsy shop, here are seven reason why you should go ahead and start selling on Etsy.

1. Built in Traffic

Etsy is a well known global marketplace and they essentially drive their own traffic. There are people who absolutely love shopping on Etsy and go out of their way to only shop on this plateform.

Unlike building your very own website in which you have to actively build traffic to your site with SEO, social media and paid advertising, Etsy works very hard to bring in traffic and new buyers.

Recently, Etsy has even started placing commerical on TV during popular times and tv shows.

According to Statista, Etsy had 39.4 million active buyers in 2018. That is alot of potential for making some money. A side note, I always say, money is out there to be made.

But don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t only rely on Etsy to bring in traffic. Eventually, you will want even more traffic. You can bring in customers buy using Instagram, Pinterest and the advertising which is available on the Etsy platform. See #5 for more info.

2. Customizable Etsy Shop

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t get your Etsy storefront to look like a shopify or wordpress store but it does look pretty good, I think. Here is the top part of one of my Etsy shops. As you can see I use the option that fills the entire top portion with one of my photos. There is also a smaller option and a fee paid option with rotating photos.

Opening an etsy shop

You can also add your four bestselling items in the featured section. See the example below. You can use your bestsellers, most favorited or new items you want customers to take a look at.

opening an etsy shop

3. Reasonable Fees

If cost is a concern you really don’t need to worry about. Compared to other platforms Etsy has pretty reasonable fees. Ebay, Redbubble and Amazon have much higher fees. For example, Amazon’s fees are 15% everytime you sell an item including on shipping charges.

Etsy’s fees are:

  • Listing fee $0.20

  • Relisting fee $.20

  • Transaction fee on item 5%

  • Transaction fee on shipping charge (what you charge the customer) 5%

  • If you accept Etsy Payments there is a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee

One thing you can do is to add the percentage to the cost of the item to help cushion the fees. The fees are a small price you have to pay as sellers on any platform.

4. Easy SEO

Etsy makes it fairly easy to optimize your shop with SEO. Just in case you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for search engine optimization. Basically, it’s how people will find your shop on the internet, whether on Google or Etsy itself. There is tons of information on the internet and on Etsy itself on how to optimize your shop and listings with revelant keywords. But how you will get found on Etsy will depend on the keywords you use in your “title” and in your “tags”. If you want to be found on Google the first 160 words of your description will also be searchable on Google. These are the three most important places to put your keywords.

Here is are some examples from one of my shops with the title box, desciption and tags.

etsy listing selling.
etsy listing opening
etsy tags seo.JPG

5. Advertising Opportunities

opening an etsy shop

Etsy gives you several opportunities to promote your shop inside and outside of it’s platform. At first you will want to make sure you have the correct keywords in your title and the 13 available tags. You don’t want to be found, clicked on with the incorrect keywords because you will literally be paying for it. So the promoting and advertising opportunites include:

  • Etsy promoted listings- this is to promote your listing internally on Etsy

  • Google shopping ads- make your listings available to Google Shopping

  • Facebook ads- helps Etsy sellers create ads on Facebook.

  • Sales - you can offer sales to all customers and offer free shipping.

  • Coupons- share coupon codes to certain customers, or share coupon codes on social media.

  • Share and add your social media accounts to your Etsy shop. This way customers can easily find you on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

6. Accepted Payments and Payouts

Etsy has something called “Etsy Payments” where the customers can use a wide range of payment selection. You also have the option of when you want to get paid, whether daily, or weekly. It’s a really easy way to sell online.

etsy payments

7. Etsy Community

Etsy has a great community of forums where you can ask questions, see other questions sellers are asking and any Etsy announcements.

7 reasons to open an etsy shop


Etsy isn’t for everyone and it isn’t as simple as opening a shop, listing some items and getting sells. It is work and mostly a lot of work to get up and running and making sales. You can’t just give up after a month when you don’t have any sales. Being patience and learning everything you can is the way to making sales.

Open your Etsy shop now and get 40 free listings. What a deal.

Etsy Checklist

Etsy Checklist