DSLR Camera

I’m sure you heard that the age of SLR or DSLR cameras are coming to end. Cell phone cameras now adays take some beautiful photos without having to change settings, lenses or much of any technical know how. I do have to admitt that sometimes it’s just easier to use my camera phone (Samsung S9 Plus is what I currently use). Especially, when I’m in a rush, don’t have my camera or want to post something quickly on social media.

But I just can’t do away with my DSLR. I have always used a Canon DSLR. Over the years I have only upgrade once. Currently, I use the Canon TSi


50mm: I use a couple of lenses. The one I use most for portrait photography or everyday photos of my baby girl is the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens.

Fisheye Len: The fisheye lens is the ultimate wide angle lens. Although, it's not a typical portrait lens, it really is a fun camera lens to have in your stash. This is a great lens for landscape photography, but most importantly you can take some great selfies and family portraits with this one.


Tripod: Besides having the right lenses, having a easy to use and sturdy tripod is important. Tripods are

Self-timer Control:

Camera Bags: I first started out with just putting my camera in my purse, then as my lens collection grew I bought this camera bag when I would travel at least 2 hours away from home or into the mountains. And after having my baby girl I started carrying a Deuter backpack since I had to carry more than just camera equipment. I absolutely LOVE this packback.

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